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We at the Burnsville Seventh Day Adventist Church, are here to focus on making disciples, as called for in the Great Commission Matthew 28:19,20; sharing God's Good News of Salvation to our community and to the world. We believe in mission locally and overseas.

Your Neighbors the Adventists

It's 9:00 Saturday morning and your neighbors have just come out of their front door dressed as though they're going to a symphony concert. But two of them are carrying Bibles! Chances are your neighbors are Seventh-day Adventists on their way to Sabbath morning worship services at their church. That means you're in for a very special relationship, a friendship marked by kindness, openness, and honesty--one that could well enrich your life.

You will find your Adventist friends committed to some very specific beliefs about God and about God's relationships with people. They will be genuinely concerned about the needs of others and interested in bettering your community. If you observe them at their workplace, within their families, and at their church, they will be busily involved in many activities. 

Watch your neighbors closely, and you'll probably notice (at least) the following: 

  • Their love for God supersedes everything else in their lives
  • They worship on Saturday instead of Friday or Sunday
  • No beer cans or wine bottles dot their trash
  • They value their health
  • They appear upbeat and friendly
  • They work hard to make the community look great
  • They want to hear what makes you and your family happy

You will soon discover that your neighbors genuinely like you and accept you as you are. They share their friendship across the back fence, in the marketplace, and at the bus stop. You'll see smiles that come from a depth of peace--in the midst of chaos. Your Adventist neighbors are just like you. They experience the same stresses and disasters that strike everyone else in the neighborhood. Yet you'll notice a difference in how they respond to the challenges. They have a deep inner peace that allows them to look the enemy in the eye and smile. They are looking far beyond today's troubles to the certainties of the future. Because they already know the outcome, they are comfortable with final victory!